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Juin - June 2013: Nikola Jovanovic

Juin - June 2013: Nikola Jovanovic
Mai - May 2013: Nikola Jovanovic

dimanche 25 novembre 2012

Vince Azzopardi in Milan: october 2012

Vince Azzopardi
in Milan - Porta Garibaldi
October 2012
Glamaholic editorial

7 commentaires:

Rainbow a dit…


Amleto a dit…

Questo è proprio bono!

tonyitalian1951 a dit…

Con quegli occhi truccati sembra Dracula.

With that heavy mascara make-up he looks like Dracula....

rickoc38 a dit…

He is a very hansom fellow. Beautiful Body. The makeup was hopefully for the camera. If it wasn't then he is making some kind of statement. In his hansom face none of the photos showed a smile. The photographs make my heart sad. I want to take him in my arms and hug him, telling him what ever it is he will be ok. This is just one wonderful post Steve.

Anonyme a dit…

Sublime post mon ami .....Istvan

French Gayland a dit…

dommage pour le maquillage
on ne voit pas sa Beauté

what a pity for the make up
we cannot see his Beauty

tonyitalian1951 a dit…

Sono daccordo con rickoc e French. Sicuramente sta dando una "conferenza" Non sorride, per cui cela grande tristezza...Il trucco pesante si aggiunge al mistero..chissa la sua bellezza. Le foto mostrano un ragazzo triste..molto belle

I agree with both rickoc and French. He is obviously making a statement. He never smiles, hence there is sadness. The heavy make-up adds to the mistery, perhaps his beauty.
The pics show a sad boy, but they are beautiful








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